Death, Stars, and Sushi is the 15th Victorious RP Club Wiki major roleplay.

Note: Everyone was doing a Real Life RP. There were 2 Nikki's so that is why Nicolepetlover had to

Death,Stars and Sushi

Peform Date

July 9,2012

Realese date

July 9,2012

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change her name to Vic. Thank you for your undertsnading and enjoy.

Since we met some stars some of us needed credit ^u^

Baconlover06 as Victoria Justice

Dil33 as Avan Jogia

BatRadeTandré as Dan Schiender


[[[|hide]]]*1 Scene 1: Nozu

Scene 1: NozuEdit

FanFavorites09:*Walks into Nozu*Well this place is um....bright

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Hey *chews Gum*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *sees Thuc* Hiii!!!!!!!!

PrettyReckless:*Walks into Nozu and sees Fans and Bacon*

VictoriouslyMe:*Walks in with Thuc*

Fansfavorite9: Hey Ari

VictoriouslyMe: Yeah, it makes me sick.

Dil33: Dylan:Hey! People

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Hai Guys!!

Baconlover06: Liz: *whining* Arrriiii but i want bacon

Fansfavorite9:OLR Meg

Tolu twyla: Tolu: *walks over* hey guys!

Fansfavorite9:They should dim it down ugh Its

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *hugs Vic* Hi!

Nicolepetlover:Vic: *hugs Ari* Hey

Baconlover06:Bacon: I know O.o

PrettyReckless:Nikki: Hi! ^-^

VictoriouslyMe:*Sits down*

Fansfavorite9:*Sits with Meg*

Baconlover06:Liz: *Starts to fangirl over Tandre moment in Jade Gets Crushed*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *sits with Thuc*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *waves* Hi!

Fansfavorite9:Mrs. Lee: So what are you ordering?

Dil33:Dylan*Glares at people* HEY!

3Fansfavorite9:Miso Soup

Ausllyfanatic84:Auslly: *fangirls over One Direction*

Nicolepetlover: Vic: *sits down by Ari*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: SUSHI!!!!!

VictoriouslyMe:Sushi, chip chop.

Tolu twyla:Tolu: I'll have same

Nicolepetlover:Vic: Sushi Please

PrettyReckless:Nikki*Walks over to Bacon* Hi

VictoriouslyMe:Make it quick.

Baconlover06:Liz: Hi Nikki

Ausllyfanatic84:Auslly: Sushi and meezo soup and green tea.

Fansfavorite9:Mrs. Lee: Alright.....sassy girl

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Hi Auslly!

PrettyReckless:Nikki:How are you

Ausllyfanatic84:Auslly: Hi


VictoriouslyMe:*Smiles deviously*

Baconlover06:Liz: Do you guys have Bacon?

Fansfavorite9:Hurry! We want to eat ya know

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Hi Dylan! *hugs Dil*

Fansfavorite9:Mrs, Lee: This is a Japenese food resturant

Dil33:Dylan:Thank you

Fansfavorite9:Mrs. Lee: NO bacon

Baconlover06:Liz: Aww Purple Dust!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: I want SUSHI! *slams fist on table*

Nicolepetlover:Vic: Please could I have Sushi

VictoriouslyMe:*Sips coffee*

Dil33:Dylan:can i have sushi and a medium pepsi?

Fansfavorite9:I want coffee

BatRadeTandré:Ari: I want coffee too!

VictoriouslyMe:Did you bring your own coffee?

Nicolepetlover:Vic: I will have coffee


PrettyReckless:Nikki:*Looks at Ari* someones a little demanding


Tolu twyla: Tolu:can I have some french fries?

VictoriouslyMe:Then sip it.

Fansfavorite9:Don't tell me what to do!

VictoriouslyMe:I will if I want to.

Fansfavorite9:Not like I'll listen

Fansfavorite9:*Sips coffee*

BatRadeTandré: Ari: I am not DEMANDING.

BatRadeTandré: Ari: SHH!

PrettyReckless: Nikki:Okay

Nicolepetlover:cmon guys lets have some fun JK.

Tolu twyla:Tolu: I want some french fries!

Dil33: Dylan:Can I Have Sushi Please?

Baconlover06:Liz: OMG! You guys did you remember tonight is Tori saves Beck and Jade?

Nicolepetlover: Vic: no I didnt remember liz

Fansfavorite9:AHHHH BADE!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *shakes head*

PrettyReckless: Nikki:hey Tolu

Fansfavorite9:Sorry, fangirling moments! XD

Nicolepetlover: Vic: yeah, its fine


Fansfavorite9:Where is that freaky lady with OUR food?

BatRadeTandré:Ari: The next episode is Wanko's Warehouse, then TSBAJ.

Tolu twyla:Tolu: hey Nikki! *moves over and sits next to Nikki*

Ausllyfanatic84:Auslly: HARRY STYLES IS LEAVING ONE DIRECTION!!! HE IS GONNA GO SOLO!!! *jumps off Nozu roof*

Baconlover06:Liz: Ooohh!!

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Hey Nikki

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Whats up

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Nothing Much, You!?


BatRadeTandré:Ari: Auslly just jumped off the roof!

Fansfavorite9:Haha yeah she did

Fansfavorite9:It was hilarious really

Nicolepetlover:Omg Ari I didnt know

Baconlover06:Liz: They should make an episode "Jade Helps Tori and Andre" .

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Yeah they should!

Fansfavorite9:They should also make sushi faster!

VictoriouslyMe:Do they get ran over and die?

Baconlover06:I dont know

Fansfavorite9:haha XD

Fansfavorite9:I'm satrving

VictoriouslyMe:And then Jade helps them.

Dil33:Dylan:Fine Im Going to McDonalds

Nicolepetlover: Vic: .-.

At McDonalds:Edit

Dil33:Dylan:Umm Can I Have 10 piece mcnugget meal?

Nicolepetlover: Vic: where is our FOOD!?!?

Back at Nozu: Scene 3Edit

PrettyReckless:Nikki*Walks back in* Auslly is dead outside

VictoriouslyMe:Die faster.

Baconlover06: Liz: :O

Nicolepetlover: Vic: :O

Fansfavorite9:She is! Haha

Fansfavorite9:*Breaks into laughing fit*Ahhahahaha

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Are you Okay Fans!? o.O

Dil33: Dylan: *comes Back to Nozu*

PrettyReckless:Niiki:Yeah someone should get rid of the body XD

VictoriouslyMe:I will.

Dil33:Dylan:No i will

PrettyReckless: Nikki: I’ll help

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *watches AHG on laptop* AWW!!!

VictoriouslyMe:I'll put it in a dumbster

Outside: Scene 4Edit

Dylan:Ill Help*picks up legs*

VictoriouslyMe:*Drags Auslly to dumbster*

VictoriouslyMe:*Puts Auslly in dumbster*

Nicolepetlover: Vic : -.- …..kk have fun…..

Fansfavorite9:Meg, you're driving us home right? Cuz…. I can't…..

VictoriouslyMe:I didn't pass the test. But yeah I will.

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Beck protecting Cat is adorable! THUC LOOKIT! IT'S BAT! *shoves laptop in Thuc's face*

Fansfavorite9:….Kay …..Yay?

Nicolepetlover: Vic:Ari don’t get pyhsco

Fansfavorite9:Calm down Ari

BatRadeTandré:Ari: I can't!

PrettyReckless:Nikki*Picks up arms*

Tolu twyla: Tolu: where's the waitress...I'm starving!

Fansfavorite9:*Follows freak sister*


Pretty Reckless: Nikki: *comes Back*

Victoriouslyme: *comes Back*

Fansfavorite9:You're seriously putting her there?

PrettyReckless:Nikki*Giggles* Yay its gone


Tolu twyla:Tolu: guys what's gonna happen to the body?

Fansfavorite9:And now your fingerprints are on her body

Dil33:Dylan:*eats Chicken Nugget*

Baconlover06:*Screams* *Shoves Laptop in Fans face* I EDITED IT!!!

VictoriouslyMe:I wore gloves. *Shows gloves*

Fansfavorite9:The police with think you killed her

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Ohh well looks like we are going to jail

Tolu twyla:Tolu: oh no....

Nicolepetlover: Vic: …Oh God….


Dil33:Dylan*wipes Chicken nuggets on her legs no prints!*

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Yay haha I wonder what jail is like

Nicolepetlover: Vic: xD

BatRadeTandré: Ari: BAT! BAT! BAT!

Fansfavorite9:Can we leave now Meg?

Baconlover06:Sorry Milady

BatRadeTandré: Ari: Wait we're going to jail?!?!

Fansfavorite9:They're annoying me

Nicolepetlover: Vic: I wish I could Have my FOOD *stomach Grawls*

Fansfavorite9:MEG! Lets go home!

Tolu twyla:Tolu: let's go back to Nozu, am starving!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *tackles Thuc*

VictoriouslyMe:Nah, I'm fine here. *Sips coffee*

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Ari stop!

PrettyReckless:Nikki:If the police find the body and the fingerprints we are going to jail

Fansfavorite9:*Gets tackled* WHAT THE FREAKING CHIZ!

Baconlover06: Liz:*taps Ari* Will you buy me a purple piano?




Nicolepetlover: Vic: hehe....

BatRadeTandré:Ari: NO BACON! HI THUC!!!


Baconlover06:*Starts to cry*

Fansfavorite9:Ugh, fine, I'm taking the car!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *bounces around* I'm so excited!

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Ari…. Why…..

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Because I am! I just watched André's Horrible GIrl!

Nicolepetlover: Vic: uh hu...

VictoriouslyMe:I have the keys.

Fansfavorite9:......I'll get a taxi

PrettyReckless: Nikki:I want a purple tiger

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Don't cry Liz!

VictoriouslyMe:You don't have any money To Pay for the Taxi. Or at least not enough.

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Lizzy dont cry

Tolu twyla: Guys I need a ride!

Baconlover06: Liz:Okay

Nicolepetlover: Vic:*hugs Liz*

Fansfavorite9: *Taps Ari*...I took your wallet *Runs away*

Baconlover06: Liz:*Fangirls with Ari*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *tackles Thuc* NO!


VictoriouslyMe:I took it back *Holds up wallet*

Fansfavorite9:I wanna go HOME!

BatRadeTandré: Ari: *Grabs Wallet* Yay!!

VictoriouslyMe:I keep another.


VictoriouslyMe:*Gets in car and drives away*

PrettyReckless: Nikki: lets go home this is boring

BatRadeTandré:Ari: VIVA LE TANDRE!!!!!

Nicolepetlover: Vic: -.-

BatRadeTandré:Ari: ....and Le BORI!

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Vavan RULES!!!!!!!!!

Fansfavorite9:*Goes in other car*

Tolu twyla:I need a ride

Fansfavorite9:*Takes Ari's car and drives away*

VictoriouslyMe:*Gets home*

Baconlover06: Liz:*Gets Random Old Car*

PrettyReckless: Nikki: I cant drive either Tolu lets get a Taxi

Nicolepetlover: Vic:*gets hyper*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Too bad I have another car Thuc!

Baconlover06: Liz: Wait im 13

Fansfavorite9:*Gets home*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: I'll drive you guys.

Tolu twyla:Tolu: okay, let's go Nikki

Baconlover06: Liz:Yay!

Baconlover06: Liz:I call shotgun!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: COLIN!!! *tackles Colin*

PrettyReckless:Nikki*Walks away with Tolu* Taxi!

VictoriouslyMe:*Goes to bed*

Baconlover06:*Fangirls over Colin*


BatRadeTandré:Ari: LOOK IT! LOOK IT! *jumps around* IT"S MY BROTHER!!!!!!!

Nicolepetlover:Yeah… we know that Already ARI!

PrettyReckless:Nikki:i found a taxi ^-^

Baconlover06: Liz:*Jumps in Taxi*

Tolu twyla:Tolu: thank goodness!

Fansfavorite9:*Goes to bed*

Nicolepetlover: Vic:Ari we should go.....

VictoriouslyMe:I'm bored.

Fansfavorite9:Then go to sleep!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Okay Vic! I'll drive!

VictoriouslyMe:*Throws knifes at poster of JB*

PrettyReckless:Nikki*gets in taxi* hmm lets go party before going home

VictoriouslyMe:This is way more fun.

Nicolepetlover: Vic:Wait is that Jen---Jenntte Mcc-McCurdy?!? *points at Door*

Dil33:Dylan:Back! Just Filming a show

Fansfavorite9:Why do you have a poster of him?

Baconlover06: Liz:I dont have a fake ID though. Im only 12 :l

VictoriouslyMe:So I can play Knife darts at him

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Awww that sucks

BatRadeTandré:Ari: WHEE!!!!

VictoriouslyMe:*Keeps throwing knives at JB poster*

Fansfavorite9:Oh god Meg…

Baconlover06: Liz:Just drop me off at the hotel

Nicolepetlover:Vic: Ari wait *walks up to Jennette McCurdy*

PrettyReckless: Nikki: okay taxi guy drive

Tolu twyla:Tolu: yeah and be fast!

Dil33:i think im going home see ya guys*leaves*

Scene 5: Around Nozu

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *sees Avan* OMG!!!!!!! IT'S AVAN JOGIA!!! *runs to meet Avan* AVAN AVAN AVAN AVAN!!!!!!

Nicolepetlover: Vic:Hey Jennette, I gotta say I am a Big Fan of you and your music… Could you sign my Arm?!?

Nicolepetlover: Jennette: Sure *signs Arm*

Nicolepetlover: Vic: thanks *hugs and takes Pic* AVAN JOGIA!!! *runs*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *hugs Avan*

Dil33: Avan:Hi!

Baconlover06: Liz:*Hears ari* OMG OMG!! *Jumps out of Taxi* what happens with Auslly's body Meg?

PrettyReckless: Nikki*Arrives at hotel* Could he of been any slower

Nicolepetlover: Vic: He is mine *pushes Ari ,hugs Avan &Takes a Photo*

Baconlover06: Liz:*Taps nikki and points to Avan*

Fansfavorite9:ARI is so freaking hyper! I can hear her screaming from here!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: OMG!!!! I AM SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU MR. JOGIA! YOU'RE THE HOTTEST DUDE EVER! *pushes Vic* *hugs Avan again*

Tolu twyla:Tolu: ikr? Nikki is that Avan?

PrettyReckless: Nikki:Woah is that Avan Lets go over

Nicolepetlover:*pushes Ari more* Hey Avan I think you are Hot 

Le Wild Victoria and Leon walking down the street holding hands*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *pushes Vic more*

Fansfavorite9:*Goes to sleep*

Baconlover06:Liz: *Tries not to fangirl*

Nicolepetlover:*pushes Ari out of Nozu*

VictoriouslyMe:*Draws picture of Thuc's face*

Avan:Oh My Gosh!

VictoriouslyMe:*Puts on wall*

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Now that she is gone…. Where were we?!?

PrettyReckless:Nikki*Walks over with Tolu* Hii Avan

Dil33:Ariana Grande!

Nicolepetlover: Vic:Gotta say you are my Hero Mr. Jogia

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Could you sign my arm *avan signs arm*

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Thanks bye *blows kiss*


Nicolepetlover: Vic: VICTORIA!!! *runs to Ari*

Baconlover06: Liz: EEEEEE!!!! ARI ARI ARI!! LOOOK!! *Points to Veon*

Fansfavorite9:........She's such a mean sister.............

Baconlover06: Liz:*fangirling*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *grabs Bacon's hand* LET'S GO TALK TO THEM!!! *run

Victoria: O.o

BatRadeTandré:Ari: HI HI HI HI!!!!!!

VictoriouslyMe:*Plays Knife Darts with Thuc picture*

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Tolu where did you go?

Baconlover06: Liz:EEEEE!! *In Tandre Heaven*

Tolu twyla:Tolu: omg VEON...AHHHH *grabs Nikki, and runs over to VEON*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: OMG!!!!!! ARE YOU TWO DATING?!?!

Dil33:Plays Darts with Cuddles picture

Victoria: O.O

Dil33:is he still here?


Tolu twyla:Tolu: can I have your autograph?

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Wow Ari thats what you ask someone you first meet XD

Victoria: You guys CANT tell anyone..Please..Just dont..

Fansfavorite9:Takes a doll of Meg

Nicolepetlover: Vic: o.O

Baconlover06: Liz: EEEEEE!! *Starts to fangirl*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: WE WON'T!!!! *hugs Vic and Leon* I'VE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS MOMENT!!!

VictoriouslyMe:*Grabs doll of Thuc*

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Guys calm down they are just people

VictoriouslyMe:*Pulls string*

Nicolepetlover: Vic:*hugs Vic* I am a Hug fan of you Vic

VictoriouslyMe:Thuc:I'm Thuc! And I WANNA KILL YOU.

Baconlover06:Victoria: Thanks guys

VictoriouslyMe:*Pins Doll of Thuc*

  • Le Wild paparazii appears*

VictoriouslyMe:*Plays Knife Darts*


Nicolepetlover: Vic: I will do anything for a signature from you Vic.....

PrettyReckless: Nikki:Stupid paparazii

Dil33:pins dolls of meg and thuc

Victoria: Huh!?

Dan: *snaps dozens of pics* GOING ON TWITTER AS I SPEAK!

Tolu twyla:Tolu: *hugs Veon and takes picture with them*

PrettyReckless:Nikki*Punches dan*

Nicolepetlover: Vic:*hugs Vic and Takes Pictures*

Baconlover06:Victoria: *Lets go of Leon's hand*

BatRadeTandré:Dan: *cackles* VEON VEON VEON VEON...*uploads pics to Twitter*

Tolu twyla:Tolu: this is the best day of my life!

Dil33:Still Pins Dolls Of Meg And Thuc

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *squeals, hugs Leon*

Vic: o.O

Dan: *snaps more pics of Veon and fangirls*

Baconlover06:Liz: *Hugs Leon*

PrettyReckless:Nikki: Come on Tolu lets get going

Nicolepetlover: Vic: I got a Pic of Vic :D

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Hey I'm hugging him!

Tolu twyla:Tolu: wait Nikki!

VictoriouslyMe:On the heart.

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Okay ^-^

VictoriouslyMe:*Has knife threw Doll of Thuc's "Heart"*


Tolu twyla:Tolu: I want this moment to last forever!

Baconlover06:Liz: But I wanna hug Leon Too!*Pushes Ari off*

VictoriouslyMe:You're just now figuring that out?


PrettyReckless:Nikki*Giggles* Okay haha lets stay

Fansfavorite9:*Beats Meg doll with hammer*

Tolu twyla:Tolu: *rushes and hugs Leon*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *takes pics of Veon, Liz and Vic* Now let me take a few!



Baconlover06: Liz:*Falls To the ground*

Nicolepetlover:*gets Arm signed by Vic* thanks

PrettyReckless:Nikki: Liz are you okay

Baconlover06: *Gets up* I think so

BatRadeTandré:Ari: TOLU! *pushes Tolu*

VictoriouslyMe:*Grabs scissors*

Baconlover06:Victoria: *laughing* Welcome

VictoriouslyMe:*Cuts half of Thuc Doll*

Fansfavorite9:*Grabs kinife*

Tolu twyla:Tolu: Hey ARI! xd


BatRadeTandré:Ari: Leon why aren't you talking?

Nicolepetlover: Vic: *hugs Vic again*

Fansfavorite9:*Stabs Meg doll, repeatedly*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *takes pic with Leon and Vic* You're my role model Victoria!

VictoriouslyMe:Oh look, it's 6 in the morning. Tolu twyla:Tolu: I LOVE YOU LEON!

PrettyReckless:Nikki*Helps Liz up* Atleast you didnt end up like Auslly

Baconlover06:Victoria: *Shrugs* Oh its 8! Do you guys wanna come watch Wankos Warehouse with us??

VictoriouslyMe:We better go to HA.

Baconlover06: Liz:I know.. O.o

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Sure

BatRadeTandré:Ari: YES!!! I will Victoria!

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Yeah that was an "accident"

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Why doesn't Leon talk?

Scene 6: Victoria's house

batRadeTandré:Ari: OMG! Your house is so awesome Victoria!

Nicolepetlover:I am Speechless :O

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *squeals*

VictoriouslyMe:*Goes to school*

Baconlover06:Victoria: Thanks ^-^

Tolu twyla:Tolu: Woah....this is paradise!

Fansfavorite9:*Goes to school*


PrettyReckless:Nikki*Starts to walk away*

VictoriouslyMe:Ugh, it's still colorful

Nicolepetlover: Vic: I cant belive you live here

Fansfavorite9:Its always been like this….Sadly

Tolu twyla:Tolu: are you leaving Nikki?

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Wow I love this place!

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Ikr

VictoriouslyMe:Yeah no wonder why I wanna puke.

Fansfavorite9:Where are the others?

PrettyReckless:Nikki:yeah ill be right back i just need to go get something from the hotel

Fansfavorite9:Ari's usually here by now cuz we always come 5 minutes late

Baconlover06: Liz: *Cant stop looking at twitter*

VictoriouslyMe:I don't care. *Sips coffee*

BatRadeTandré:Dan: *uploads pics to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc*

Nicolepetlover:Really all Of the signatures I got were only 2

Fansfavorite9: -_-

Nicolepetlover: Vic:From Vic and avan -.-

PrettyReckless:Nikki;Walks back out* okay im back ^-^

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Victoria, can I ask you something?

Tolu twyla:*omg...Dan uploaded a picture I took with VEON...ahhhh *

Fansfavorite9:*Calls Ari*

Baconlover06:Liz: Uh Guys....

VictoriouslyMe:*Goes to class*

Baconlover06:Victoria: Yea?

Nicolepetlover: Vic: What Liz!?!

Baconlover06:Liz: Dan....

PrettyReckless:Nikki;Guys we should be at school

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *ignores Thuc's call* Um, how long have you and Leon been together?

Baconlover06: Liz:*Shows pictures*

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Dan.... what….OMG

BatRadeTandré:Dan: *grins*

Nicolepetlover:Vic: v-vivic and L-Leo-Leon

Ausllyfanatic84:Auslly: I'M ALIVE!!!!

Baconlover06:Liz: Dan.... Put...The,...Pictures,,,Online..

Baconlover06:Victoria: D: *Horrified*

Fansfavorite9:*Calls Tolu* (Cuz she's nice unlike Ari)

Nicolepetlover:Vic: Vic *hugs*

BatRadeTandré:Dan: BWAHAHAAAA!!!!!!! *runs with Twinkies in hand*

Fansfavorite9:AHHHH! AUSLLY!

Nicolepetlover: Vic:I am so sorry

Baconlover06:Liz: Is Dan like that?

Ausllyfanatic84:Auslly: HAHA!!!!!

Tolu twyla:Tolu: Hey Fans

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Yeah me...AUSLLY??!?!!

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Veon isnt a Secret anymore

Fansfavorite9:Where are you Tolu?

Ausllyfanatic84:Auslly: lol!!!!!!

Tolu twyla:omg Aussly is that you?

BatRadeTandré:Ari: NOOO!!!! AUSLLY IS ALIVE!!!!

Fansfavorite9:I havent seen u in school

Baconlover06:Victoria: ...

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Arrives at school* Hii Fans


Ausllyfanatic84:Auslly: Hi!!!

Fansfavorite9:WHERE IS EVERYONE?

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *runs* HELP!!

Tolu twyla:Tolu: Hey Fans, am at Vic's house! where are you?

Fansfavorite9:Oh okay, coming

BatRadeTandré:Dan: *eats Twinkies*

Fansfavorite9:Let me get Meg

Baconlover06:Liz: Dont eat my soul! I wanted to throw you a funeral but they wouldnt let me!

Fansfavorite9:*Goes to Meg's class*

PrettyReckless:Nikki:*goes back to Vic's house*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Victoria, where is Leon?

VictoriouslyMe:*Sits down* *Sees Thuc* WHAT?!?!?!

Fansfavorite9:We're going to Victoria Justice's house, Lets go

Baconlover06:Victoria: I dont know

Fansfavorite9:Oh and Auslly is alive somehow

VictoriouslyMe:Fine. -_-

Fansfavorite9:Should we bring the shovel?

Nicolepetlover:Ari stop it

BatRadeTandré:Ari: What did I do?

VictoriouslyMe:I am.

Fansfavorite9:Or the axe?


Fansfavorite9:Kay kay xD

VictoriouslyMe:*Goes to Vic's house*

Fansfavorite9:*Goes with sister*

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Auslly you are alive i thought you "fell" off the roof

Fansfavorite9:Dang! This house is NICE

Baconlover06:Liz: You guys dont have shooting today?

VictoriouslyMe:*Knocks* OPEN THIS DOOR!

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Oh god....

Baconlover06:Liz: Hi Fans! *Opens Door*


Baconlover06: Liz: Hi Lyme!

VictoriouslyMe:Hi, let me in *Walks in*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: THUC!!! *tackles Thuc* OMG!

Fansfavorite9:Hey, I'm coming in *Walks in*

Tolu twyla:Tolu: hey Thuc!

Baconlover06:Victoria: Hi.

Nicolepetlover:Thuc :P

Fansfavorite9:*Falls to ground*

Fansfavorite9:Ari! Why are you so happy to see me?


BatRadeTandré:Ari: BECAUSE!!!

VictoriouslyMe:*Sips coffee*

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Guys im here *walks in* Hi everyone

Tolu twyla:Tolu: where's Leon...I need to take more pictures with him!

Baconlover06:Victoria: I dont know

Nicolepetlover: Vic: d-d-did you see d-d-Dans Post on t-t-t-twitter

PrettyReckless:Leon:Hi Vic

Fansfavorite9:Hi love xD

VictoriouslyMe:Maybe he got scared of you. Nvm.

BatRadeTandré:Ari: NO what did it say Vic?!

Nicolepetlover: Vic: . -.


BatRadeTandré:Dan: *is Tweeting* ...bwahahahaaaa.... *eats twinkie*

Baconlover06:Liz: What is it?


Fansfavorite9:Well, I heard Auslly is back. We brought a shovel

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *hides behind Thuc* I'm scared!

Fansfavorite9:And an axe


Fansfavorite9:Of Asully?

VictoriouslyMe:It was my idea to bring both.

BatRadeTandré:Ari: YES OF AUSLLY! Hold me Thucantita! *cowers in fear*

PrettyReckless:Leon:who are you people!?!?

Nicolepetlover: Vic: I need the whole victorious Cast signatures D:

Fansfavorite9:...........Call me that and I'll throw you to her ari!

VictoriouslyMe:Someone you don't know.

BatRadeTandré:Ari: LEON THOMAS!!! AIEEEE!!!! HI HI HI HI!!!!!!!

Baconlover06:Liz: *Waves* Im Liz

Nicolepetlover:ohh h-h-hey L-l-l-l *faints*

VictoriouslyMe:You don't need to know my name.

PrettyReckless:Nikki:It suck that Auslly had to "jump" off the building *smirks*

Baconlover06:Liz: -.-

BatRadeTandré:Ari: We all support Veon!!!! Oh wait, Vic fainted....oh well.

Fansfavorite9:Thuc, hi

Baconlover06:Liz: ARI!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: WHATTIE?!

Nicolepetlover:Vic: *gets up* Sorry about that… I am Vic.

Tolu twyla:Tolu: I LOVE YOU LEON......I-I-I-I'm T-O-L-U....big fan!

Baconlover06:Liz: You had to tell them?

VictoriouslyMe:*Sips coffee*

Nicolepetlover:Vic: *hugs Leon* Huge Fan

Baconlover06:Liz: Dont we all love Leon?


VictoriouslyMe:Not me.

PrettyReckless: Leon:Hi guys?

Fansfavorite9:I like Liz…Opps I meant Liz Gillies

Baconlover06:Liz: Aw. xD

Nicolepetlover: Vic: xD Nicolepetlover:I love Victoria Justice

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Oh I'm Ari btw! And Tolu is in love with you! And I wanna take picture with you, and we all love you to death! *hugs Leon*

Baconlover06:Victoria: I met them yesterday

VictoriouslyMe:I don't like anyone.. All are boring.

Nicolepetlover:Where are Liz gillies and Ariana Grande!?!?

BatRadeTandré:Dan: *snaps pics of Veon* Mwahahaaa....

Nicolepetlover: *looks* Dan! *runs*

Fansfavorite9:So where is Auslly?

PrettyReckless:Leon*Oh hi ari and ummm Tolu?

VictoriouslyMe:Yeah I brought the axe.

BatRadeTandré:Dan: Oh, Hi! *eats cookie*

Fansfavorite9:And Ari, stop shaking, we're fine

Tolu twyla:Tolu: You know my name! *hugs Leon*

Nicolepetlover:Dan! *hugs*

BatRadeTandré:Dan: *hugs* Hi!

VictoriouslyMe:Oh my god.

Nicolepetlover:I love Bori

Fansfavorite9:Oh god

Baconlover06:Liz: Im Liz if you remember. *Waves again*

BatRadeTandré:Dan: *gasps* ME TOO!!! OMG!!! *high-fives*

Nicolepetlover:*high fives* Make More Bori Moments

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *tackles Thuc*


Baconlover06:*Le forever starts playing on meh phone*

Baconlover06:Liz: Hello?

VictoriouslyMe:Can we go now Thuc?

Baconlover06:Liz: O.O.......*Faints*

Fansfavorite9:But I wanna see Auslly

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Hey where's Matt Bennett? I'd LOVE to meet him!

Fansfavorite9:Maybe she's a zombie

VictoriouslyMe:She's away.

Nicolepetlover:*Le Make it in America playing on my Phone*


BatRadeTandré:Ari: *hides behind Thuc* Eeeeeeep.

Baconlover06:Victoria: Hey you like the song forever ^-^

Fansfavorite9: Ari, don't be scared

Nicolepetlover: Vic: *answers*Hello!?!?

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *listens to BFB on phone* I LOVE THIS SONG!

VictoriouslyMe:Be frightened.

Baconlover06:Victoria: Haha looks like your all fans of our music

Baconlover06:Liz: *Gets up* Yea. HeHe. **Blushes**

Fansfavorite9:We've got a shovel

Nicolepetlover: Vic:OMG... *faints*

VictoriouslyMe:And an axe!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *screams*

Fansfavorite9:If Auslly comes back *smirks* Haha

VictoriouslyMe:DON'T FORGET THE AXE!

Nicolepetlover: Vic: *drops Phone*

Fansfavorite9:OKAY OKAY! THE AXE!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *screams louder*


Baconlover06:Liz: O.o

Fansfavorite9:Ari! Stop screaming!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: BUT IT'S MATT BENNETT!!!!!!!!!!!!

VictoriouslyMe:Keep screaming Ari.

Nicolepetlover: Vic: A-ar-ari-aria-arian-ariana C-ca-cal-call-called M-me

VictoriouslyMe:It annoys Thuc.

Baconlover06:Liz: Where's ariana? *Starts singing Put your Hearts up*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *screams* MATT BENNETT!!!!! OMG!!!

Fansfavorite9:..............Meg annoys me

Baconlover06:Liz: OMG OMG OMG!

BatRadeTandré:Matt: Hi guys.

Nicolepetlover: Vic:*gets up*

Fansfavorite9:Yeah, hey

VictoriouslyMe:That's why I'm always hanging out with you.

Nicolepetlover:Matthew!! Hugs*


BatRadeTandré:Ari: *tackles Matt* HI HI HI HI HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BatRadeTandre: Matt: OW!

Tolu twyla:Tolu: *looks outside*omg....Sikowitz and Lane are coming to drag us to school!

Nicolepetlover:Could you sign my arm?!?

VictoriouslyMe:THANK GOD!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Sign her arm!

Baconlover06:Liz: ...*Facepalms* You guys! He's just a Person!

BatRadeTandré:Matt: *signs Vic's arm* There you go.

Nicolepetlover: Vic:*looks at Bacon madly*

Fansfavorite9:Lets go Ari

Nicolepetlover:Thanks *kisses Cheek*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *hugs Matt*

Fansfavorite9:Say bye to the nice people

Baconlover06:Liz: eek! *Hides behind Leon*

VictoriouslyMe:Oh I'm nice?

Nicolepetlover:*Le Phone rings again*

PrettyReckless:Nikki:Tolu what is going on

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *screams* NO THUC! *pushes Thuc*

Nicolepetlover: Vic:*picks up*

Fansfavorite9:*Kicks Ari*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: Hi Matt Bennett. Matt: Hi...

Tolu twyla:Tolu: more famous people are coming!

Fansfavorite9:Don't. Push me

Nicolepetlover: *answers* Hello?!?

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *shoves Thuc* I'm talking to MATT BENNETT!!!

Nicolepetlover:*drops phone*

PrettyReckless:Nikki: yay?

BatRadeTandré:Ari: VIC!!! WHAT'S WRONG!?!?


VictoriouslyMe:*Goes to Mari* Hi. I'm bored.

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *kicks Thuc*

BatRadeTandre:Matt: Hi.

Nicolepetlover: Vic: M-Mi-Mir-Mira-Miran-Mirand_Miranda Cosgrove C-ca-call-called

VictoriouslyMe:*Sips coffee*

Baconlover06:Liz: *Sips Cofee*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *kisses Matt's cheek* I can't stop smiling! Matt: *blushes* Ari: OMG THAT'S AWESOME VIC!!!

Fansfavorite9:*Whacks Ari with shovel*

VictoriouslyMe:I'm bored now *Walks away*

Fansfavorite9:Lets go Meg

Tolu twyla:Tolu: I really hope this isn't a dream, cos this is too good to be true

VictoriouslyMe:Whatever. *Leaves*

Nicolepetlover: Vic: Omg omg she said she is gonna come with the whole iCarly cast

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *pushes Thuc into random mud puddle*

Baconlover06:Liz: OMG EVEN NATHAN?!

Fansfavorite9:Ari fainted

Nicolepetlover:Vic: Yes! *faintes*

Fansfavorite9:Cuz i hit her with a shovel

Tolu twyla:Tolu: I call dibs on Nathan Kress!

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *drools* NATHAN KRESS??!! OMG!!!!

VictoriouslyMe:I don't care.

Fansfavorite9:Oh god

VictoriouslyMe:*Goes to class*

BatRadeTandré:Ari: *shoves Meg*

Fansfavorite9:Lets just go Meg *Goes to class*


Nicolepetlover:I am gonna get my arm signed by all them

VictoriouslyMe: *Sits down*


  • le miranda and Jenntte Knock at the door*

Baconlover06:Liz: wheres Nathan?

Nicolepetlover:Miranda!!!!!! Jennette *hugs*