First Date , Triple the Fun Edit

First Date, Triple The Fun is the 12th Victorious RP Club Wiki major roleplay.

The pairings for this roleplay are: Bade, Tandre, and Cabbie.

All characters performed by Baconlover06 and BanconTANDRElover90. --- Scene 1

First Date, Triple the Fun

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july 7

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At Nozu*

Ms.Lee: Hello you rubish!

Tori: Whats up attention hogger?

They start growling at each other*

Andre: Ladies stop it !

Ms.Lee: Your right, I shouldnt waste my time on that trash! So what can I get you?

Andre: Hey first of all that trash is my girlfriend!! And shes no trash, she is my lifes treasure. But..... I'll have a spicy tuna ball. Make that two for my ladie. And some wahhoo punch.

Ms.Lee finishes writing in her order paper*

Ms.Lee walks over to Andre and whispers in his ear* Ms.Lee: That ones a keeper. Andre: Why thank you ^-^.

Tori: * Smiles at Andre*

Andre: Were you looking at me muchacha?

Tori: I dont know, mabye?

Andre: We all know that maybe was a yes.

Kisses Tori's hand*

Tori kisses Andre*

Tori: I'm having a lot of fun. * blushes*

Andre:Me too.

Andre's Grandma: Andre, Andre, Andre!!!!!!!!!! Why did you kiss that girl? The numbers on my clock keep changing!!!!

Andre: Grandma...... She's my girlfriend!!!! Now go home.

Andre's Grandma: Well at least she's a keeper!!!! See you Andre!!!

Tori: Why does everyone keep saying I'm a keeper?

Andre: Mabye its because your a real girl and natrually beautiful, and fantastic plus amazing ..... and you give me time to breath unlike Sherry.

TORI: But dont get me started on Hope.

Andre; Oh no, she's a nut job.

Tori: But I'm not right?

Andre: Of coarse not !!!

Smiles and kisses Tori*

Tori: So I gues Jade was right.

Andre: Yep!!

Scene 2


Cat: Awww!!! Look cupcake its a giraffe!!

Robbie: Yeah! Like Mr. Purple

Cat: *Giggles* Of course!

Robbie: Oh look its a seal!!! I love water animals.

Cat: So you like them more than me?

Robbie: Of course not!!! I think your swell!!

Cat: Awwww... Thanks... * Kisses Robbie in the cheek*

Robbie: Lets go get some cotton candy!!

Cat:YAY!!!!! I love candy, but I love you more!!!!*Giggles*

Cat: One time my brother saw the giraffe and tried to feed it so now he cant come here anymore..

Rex: You just had to date the Ditzy Red-Head.


Robbie: REX! STOP IT!

Cat: Thanks Sweetie. *Quick Peck on Lips*

Robbie: Lets go.

Scene 3


Jade: Aww thats means you won!

Beck: And what did i win? :3

Jade: Me :]

Beck: Ill be right back

Random Boy comes up to Jade* Liam: Hey. Your cute. Whats your name? Jade:...Um...I have a boyfriend.

Liam: So what?

Jade: I cant date you!

Beck: Im B-Liam?

Liam: Beckett?

Jade: Wait you know this dude?

Beck: Since Kindergarten. Always steeling girls from me.

Jade: Well maybe this will teach him! *Kisses Beck* *40's Actress voice* Well someone got a big boobdy boo!

Walks away*

Beck: Hey I love you

Jade: >.< Yea Yea..

Beck: I still love you

Jade: Who said i stopped loving you?

Bade kiss* Scene 4 AT THE MALL {C}Beck: Oh wow! Hi Tori! Hey Andre! Didnt expect to see you here!

Jade: Look! Theres Cat and Robbie!

Cat: Hi everyone!

Tori: Hi guys!

Jade: So Vega, How's it going with that new boyfriend of yours?

Tori: The BEST.

Andre: Yep ^u^

Robbie: Thats awesome!

Cat: HELP ME! *Drops 7 bags of shoes*

Andre: Oh Lil Red. *Facepalms and picks up bags*

Cat: Thanks!

Andre: No prob

Cat: So im having a pool party tommrow! Wanna come?

Tori: Im in!

Andre: If shes in Im in!

Jade: Im going!

Beck: Agreed Andre. If Jade's goin im in

Laughs* Cat: Yay! See you guys tomorrow! Scene 5

Pool Party at Cat's House

(Everyone jumps in the pool)

Cat: *Squeel* Its too Cold!

Andre: Aww cmon Lil red!


All 3 couples go underwater and kiss* Tori: Aww! ^w^ Jade: So what now? *grossed out by Tori and Andre*

Beck: I dont.

Cat: We could have a water baloon fight!

8Cat: Tori and Andre VS... Beck and Jade!


Tori runs after Jade*

Andre: Wait Baby you didnt tell me what to doo! Well i guess the only thing I can do is go after Beck.

Starts running after Beck*



Jade throws three water baloons at Tori*

Tori Doges all 3*


Jade: I really dont think im the sucker!

Tori falls into right into a hammock* Jade: WOOT WOOT! Thats pretty Guilable for a Cops daughter! Tori; Argh well at least i tried.

Robbie and Cat making out by a near table* Beck: Jade! CORNER! ANDRE BY THE POOL! HURRY! Andre: HOLY CHIZ!

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