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This song was sang in, "Driving Tori Crazy" by the Victorious Cast,altough a small part of the song was in "Tori the zombie" sung by Danillliea Monet and Airiana Grande.

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Dr. Rhapsody: You know I flaunt ya 'cuz girl I really want ya

Tori: And you lookin' nice

Got me cooler than a bag of ice


Now freeze...freeze...freeze

Trina: Now go.


Drop it fast and move it real slow.


Hoooo! What?!

Trina: You smell so fruity

Andre: I'm a pirate and you're my booty

Beck: Arghh So move it in close

Robbie: And let me have my daily dose

*girls gasp*

Andre (spoken): Girl I've been thinking 'bout you, thinking 'bout me

Rex (spoken): What you think about me?

Cat: Five fingaz to the face! Five fingaz to the face!

(Andre: Oh it's like that)

Tori: Five fingaz to the face!

Jade: Five fingaz to the face!

Beck: I love My Tina

Boys: Vanessa and Georgina

Andre: It's a lady's choice So I'm a make sure to make some noise!

(Boys: Ho, oh)

Robbie: And now were sweatin'

Rex: Got my turbo engine revvin' vroom Jade: They stop and stare All the haters think it's just not fair

Robbie: That I'm 6 foot 1 and I'm tons of fun!

Rex: And I'm about to put this club in gear

Andre: So fella's grab a cup


Rex: All my ladies, you know whats up

(Girls: Yea!)

Robbie: Put your hands in the sky if you're feeling fly!

Beck and Andre: And tell me that you

(Girls: What!)

Andre: Cause I'm the man in charge!

Jade: And you know I'm living large!

Tori: I've got a big white house and a fancy yacht!

Trina: And garage full of classic cars

Tori (spoken): What you talkin bout boy?

Rex (spoken): Oh calm down

Cat (spoken): I know you don't think you can just come up in here and buuuuuy meee.

Andre (spoken): C'mon

Jade (spoken): You know what I got for you?

Cat: Five fingaz to the face! Five fingaz to the face!

Tori: Five fingaz to the face!

Girls: Five fingaz to the face! OH!