Guise. I know a lot of you will see it, and I'm not sure if everyone will see it as soon as I'd like. But this is important, and I don't know where else to put it. I'm sure that Ari and Z will. A lot of other people... I might have to link. But oh well. Oh, btw. DO NOT GO ON KNOTTING DONUTS. Nick planted a virus there.

Anyway. Nick Foley is back. I am sure of that. Me and Z have seen what he can do, and it's not something to overlook. He's after us. But, if anyone can beat him, it's us. RP Clubbers is a pretty good force, but we have weaknesses. Potnoodlers are a pretty good force, as well, and have weaknesses, but not as many. Nick is a hacker, and I am sure by now that he has hacked Liz. Combined, RP Clubbers and Potnoodlers...we'd be unstoppable. Yesterday, Febuary 4, Lion almost gave up hope. She said, and I quote, "THERE'S NO WAY WE CAN BEAT HIM. HE'S A MASTER HACKER!" But may I remind you what each of us have done and are capable of doing. There's this song, Unstoppable by tobyMac, that everytime I listen to it, I always think of us. Some of the lines are:

We are, we are unstoppable

We are, we are for the impossible

We are, we are the kingdom come

That's who we are, that's who we are

Not of this world, so we live on the run.

We keep our eyes set, on what is to come.

As a combined group, RP Clubbers and Potnoodlers...we'd be unstoppable. We could beat Nick. Guys, if we don't...Nick could destroy us. A while back, he hacked people, on a rampage. He hacked Z's computer. His bank account. His email. He was out of money. We can't let this happen to any of us. Tell me what your thoughts are in the comments. Think about what we're up against, and what each wiki has accomplished. Just this once, we need to band together, and become one, or be hacked, and be blocked. I'm serious here, guys. Lion disagrees with me, but we need to do this. Z and Lion should get this reference It's like, in HoA, when KT & Eddie teamed up with Sibuna. I know we're all enemies, but we need to do this, just this once.