War In Your Heart is a series of continuous roleplays on the RP Club The first installment came out on June 20th. No other further installments have dates known yet.

War in Your Heart (Series)
War in your heart series
Immage Credit:ImmaFatCake

Begin Date

June 20,2012

End Date


First WIYR

War In Your Heart (Part 1)


War In Your Heart (Part 2)


  • The title for the series, "War In Your Heart", was created by ImmaFatCake.
  • The first installment has been performed and released.
  • At least 1 more installment is on the way, but nothing is planned yet on it.
  • Some cliffangers were noted at the end of the first installment, which will be most likely be featured in the second installment.
  • In order to make it easier to read, the first War In Your Heart was released into 10 different scenes.
  • In some ways, the Bat vs. Cabbie vs. Tribbie involves the fanbase in real life. Most people ship Bat or Cabbie, and/or Cabbie or Tribbie.
  • The second insallment will be peformed August 4 at 9 PM EST. Click here for more details